Things Unseen

I took these photographs originally to document my grandparents’ land in Theon, Texas (Williamson County). Theon has always been a place of adventurous creativity, as my brother and I were encouraged to roam and wander from a young age. Things Unseen visualizes this creativity through the use of colored thread and black & white photography.
Turning images black & white alters subjects we may recognize but normally ignore. The absence of color changes the images just enough to be able to see them in a new light, and therefore perceive new details. It is in realms of observing what is normally overlooked that creativity and imagination reside.In this way, the black & white images offer themselves as spaces where the invisible can become tangible.  

Black & white photographs printed professionally on glossy photo paper. Colored thread embroidered into photograph. 

Jan/Feb 2015

18" x 24" with a 1/2" white border