Systems of Organization

Systems of Organization is a series of monoprints that focuse on the ingrained sense of organization that we as humans use to navigate and understand our world. We are surrounded by so much information that it is absolutely necessary to create order within the chaos. As a result, we organize everything: our educations, religions, grocery stores, computers, cities, buildings, homes, closets, bookshelves, music, movies- we organize so frequently that we don’t think about it after a while. Organization is a part of what makes us human. It is how we learn. It is how we make connections. It is how we function on a day to day basis. The intent of Systems of Organization is to force viewers to recognize the extent in which we organize as well as to think about the ways we organize. The main questions I asked myself while creating this series are- what does organization mean, what is the point of organizing, how do we organize, and how many systems of organization can be used at once. The data set used in this series comes from my personal collection of thirty-six DVDs. All of the organization in the series revolves around these DVDs but they themselves are not the focus. They point to the bigger idea of how we organize our lives. 

Spring 2013