Bridges: Olympic Race (1904)


Bridges: Olympic Race (1904)


Colored thread hand embroidered directly into a historical black & white photograph of the bird cage at the St. Louis Zoo (MO).

Bridges combines photography and hand embroidery. In this series, the thread acts as elements of spirit, life, and delight that aim to bridge the gap between two eras of Forest Park. 

Half of the photographs come from the Missouri History Museum’s collection of 1904 World's Fair/Olympics historical photographs, and the other half I took recently. Together, the images highlight changes in the Forest Park area that have occurred over time, and consistencies that make (and will continue to make) Forest Park such a wonderful and whimsical public space.

11" x 14" with a 1/2in white border; logo not included in original.

Photo from the Missouri History Museum’s collection: Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Title: H.L Hillman of the New York Athletic Club winning the 400 meter hurdles at the 1904 Olympics.

Created in 2016 by Joyce McCown. 

1 of 1: unframed

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