Being a full time studio artist & having a BFA in Printmaking (which was kind of an accident at first) makes for some interesting conversations! I love sharing my story, artwork, & printmaking knowledge. Artist talks are especially great for students, or really anyone, interested in learning more about art school, life after college, or life as an artist.


There are a variety of Printmaking Demos that I can do for you, your friends, or your students. Some require access to a printing press, while others do not.

Demos that Require a Press:

1. Monotype

2. Stenciled Monoprint (example pictured on the left)

Demos that Don't Require a Press:

1. Relief Printing

2. Photo Transfers using the Wax Paper Method


If you would like more information (availability & pricing) about scheduling an artist talk and/or demo, contact MSP using the form at the bottom of the page.