Hi, I'm Joyce McCown.

I was born in Texas, & moved to St. Louis, MO, right before I started high school. When it came time for college, I tried really hard to leave Missouri (as in I visited about 13 schools across the country), but alas, the art school at Washington University in St. Louis, Sam Fox School of Visual Art & Design, stole my heart.

When I started art school, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go the illustration or fine art route. After studying abroad in Italy for a semester my Sophomore year, I decided on fine art, and signed up to be a "Drawing & Printmaking" major. I hadn't taken any printmaking classes (because I hated it) but was obsessed with drawing, so I figured it would all even out. Imagine my surprise when I showed up for my first day of class to find that drawing had been dropped, making me suddenly a full time Printmaking major. Awkward. But I hopped to it and learned 13+ printmaking techniques in about 4 months. Eventually, I figured out which techniques included the most drawing, and was a happy camper. That is the great thing about printmaking (shameless plug) - you don't just wear one hat, you wear many: drawing, painting, designing, typography, collage, mixed media, sculptural. 

I graduated from Wash U. in 2014 with a BFA, and started MoonShadow Press shortly after.

My newest adventure is moving to Brenham, TX, to take over my family’s art Gallery, Back Lot Gallery. Stay tuned for updates on how we evolve the gallery to include MoonShadow Press!

"Every time I see moon shadows I am filled with delight, wonder and hope. They remind me that no matter how painful and broken the world may be, light can find its way into the darkest moments and make them beautiful. For this reason, the MoonShadow Press philosophy revolves around three things: beauty is powerful, simple pleasures can bring much delight, and hope is always present." 

-Joyce McCown

Freelance & Commissions

Limited spaces are available for fine art freelance, consulting, and commissioned work depending on my schedule. I would love to discuss working with you! Email me for availability, hourly rates, and commission estimates. 



Joyce McCown

Brenham, TX